Real Wedding: Summer & Joseph

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Summer & Joseph celebrated the boho wedding in De Smet South Dakota, they didn’t want a distinct color palette, just wanted it to fit their personalities. It had tons of greenery and dark stained wood. Everything else was white, it was perfect for their taste. Read their beautiful love story here:

All photos were taken by Wild Jasmine Photography.

Wedding Dress Style: #1064

Q: Any advice or tips for future Mrs? 

my biggest advice to future brides is to hire someone to decorate the morning of. My wedding was completely DIY. I did almost everything myself, all the garlands, the bouquets, and all the decor. However, on the day of I didn’t have a family show up to help me. Our wedding started at 3, I show up at 1 and only have my bridesmaids to help me decorate the entire reception. It was absolute chaos and I felt like crying the whole time. Finally, I had family members show up at around 2:30 so they helped do the rest while I changed into my dress. It was rough. If you have a DIY wedding definitely hire someone to do that for you! You can draw out how you want everything to look and then give it to them and do a preview before you start the ceremony to make sure it looks the way you want.

Q: Tell us your love story! Where & How did he propose? 

Joey and I met in high school due to swimming on the same club team. We went our separate ways and didn’t actually start dating until he asked me out the summer of 2015. We clicked immediately and fell in love in a week. It was insane because I thought that didn’t happen. On our first date, he took me up to the top of this mountain on the edge of Boulder City Nevada. You can see the whole Las Vegas skyline and it’s one of the prettiest views I’ve ever seen. Fast forward 2 years, he took me back up to the top of this sane mountain and proposed. It was so cute! It was pretty low key, there weren’t any rose petals or candles. I have never needed big gestures like that to feel loved. All I wanted and cared about was being his wife. It was beautiful!

Q: How would you define the message ” Dare to Love”?

Love is scary. I’m now married and I think I’ll be scared for the rest of my life. Your heart is in someone else’s hands and they have the ability to love you back or hurt you. The saying Dare to love is very accurate but love makes us human. We have to take the chance whenever it comes around because it’s in our nature.

Q: What was the inspiration behind your wedding theme?

I am a pretty simple person. I knew I didn’t want anything over the top. I didn’t want a distinct color palette and I wanted it to fit our personalities. That’s how I decided on our theme. It had tons of greenery and dark stained wood. Everything else was white, it was perfect for our taste.

Q: Did you enjoy the wedding planning process? Why or why not?

I loved wedding planning and I even thought of making it my career. It can be stressful for most people but I’m a planner in general so I enjoyed it.

Q: What was your hubby’s reaction when he first saw you on your big day?

there are photos of it but he was crying. It was so sweet. We were both so emotional. I was crying pretty hard in the bathroom before I walked out and then again during my vows.

Q: What did you love most about your #CocoMelody dress?

I loved how it made feel sexy but was conservative at the same time. When I have my hair and makeup done I knew it would be too much if I had a wedding dress with a lot going on. This dress was so comfortable. I could dance, sit down, and eat a ton of food with no issue. It was thick and stretchy which worked out amazing for me. My dress really had the perfect amount of sex appeal and simplicity.

Q: What do you think about CocoMelody and the customer service?

I was an out of state bride so I could only do the one fitting. My dress ended up taking longer than expected but COCOMELODY would immediately respond to my emails and made sure to send my dress out the day I requested. I had some minor alteration issues but that could have been resolved if I did the 2nd fitting so that’s more of my issue, not theirs. It ended up being beautiful on the day and it was perfect.