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Looking for ceremony & reception ideas and tips? If you’re done with all the promotional posts, Cocomelody Magazine is the right place for you to go.

Determined to serve every bride-to-be, Cocomelody gathers reliable information for beginners. It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for tips on venue or decoration, our guidance promises to satisfy all.

It’s always difficult to start on something new. For this reason, we provide step-to-step guidance and useful checklists as well. To clarify, our posts cover ceremonial ideas for all four seasons.  That is to say, you’re able to find enough information to perfect your wedding scene no matter what.

Further, supposing that you’ve made it your goal to amaze the crowd, our creative wedding ideas will definitely help. Scroll down and ignite your imagination.

Feel free to contact our editors for more info. We promise only down-to-earth suggestions. Enjoy your stay at Cocomelody.