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Do You Need A Bridal Garter?

Accessories Dresses & Gowns | By:cocomelody

Bridal garters, like countless other traditions, are becoming less popular as time passes by, gradually being replaced by more across-the-board wedding reception activities. That being said, bridal garters can still add a great finishing touch…Read More>>


Every woman knows that accessories can either make or break the outfit. And your special occasion ensembles should be of no exception.

Above all, it’s usually hard to find your signature piece, since it has to be a reflection of part of you. Jewelry that speaks to you not only goes with your outfit but also your own unique charisma.

As eye-catching as they can be, accessories should never outshine your gown. In general, they are added as a finishing touch to perfect your entrance.

Scroll down and you’ll find inspiring accessorizing ideas to refer to. As your trustworthy friend, Cocomelody promises only the latest trends and reliable matching tips. After all, it’s our belief that every girl deserves her own shining moment.

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