6 Special Ways to Honor Grandparents At Your Wedding

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Grandparents are a blessing and hold a special place in every family. They’ve nurtured and watched you grow and if you’re lucky to have your grandparents at the time of your wedding- that alone calls for a celebration. Whether it’s your grandmother, grandfather or both in attendance, you’d want to thank and honor them in a special way on your big day.

Below are our suggestions on how to honor your grandparents and make them a part of your special day:

1. Photographs

You’re obviously going to be clicking a lot of photographs on the wedding day and something that you definitely don’t want to miss out on is a family portrait with your grandparents. Your grandparents can also serve as an inspiration for your wedding. Honor their union by adding photos of their wedding in your bouquet or displaying photographs from their wedding at your reception, on the seating card table.

2. Do A ‘First Look’

First looks aren’t meant just for the bride and groom. Invite your grandparents for the first look in your wedding ensemble before you head into your ceremony. Things can get really emotional here but the proud faces of your grandparents will be something you’ll remember for the rest of your life. You’ll definitely want to have your photographer there to capture this special moment.

Invite your grandparents for the first look

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3. Give Them VIP Seating

Arrange for an usher or have your entourage make sure that your grandparents are seated comfortably during the ceremony. It is granted that your grandparents should have spots reserved in the front row so they can see and hear everything during the ceremony. Even at the reception, make sure they’re seated close to you at the head table. You probably don’t want to place them at a table next to the stage or speakers where there will be loud noises.

4. Include Them In Your Speech

Give a shout out to your grandparents in your wedding speech to make them feel appreciated and honored. A written dedication during the ceremony will be a thoughtful way to let them and your other guests know just how much their presence is valued. Given that the older generations are often more religious, you can even ask your grandparents to offer a prayer before the reception dinner.

ask your grandparents to offer a prayer

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5. Honorary Dance

Add ample joy to your special day by giving your grandparents their own special moment on the dance floor. It will be a perfect way to honor your grandparents and their 50 plus years of love and commitment will be a great feature at your celebration.

6. Do Something Different

If you’d want to go the extra mile, try attaching a piece of your grandparent’s props in your wedding dress. It can be a small patch, lace or an embellishment that holds a lot of value to them. Having your grandparents carry a bouquet and lead the procession will also be a lovely way to commence your wedding.

Do Something Different

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As a special touch, invite them to join in the fun of getting ready the morning of the wedding and get their hair and makeup done along with the group. Well, you could even ask them to dress in a similar color as the bridesmaid dresses. Make sure you arrange for someone to take care of them and ensure that they’re comfortable throughout the wedding.