6 Tips For Expecting Bridesmaids

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The exciting news of being pregnant may be a bit of a challenge if you’re a bridesmaid. The key to dressing well for such bridesmaids is hidden comfort with ample style. While you want the dress to give support and accommodate your new curves, at the same time, it should look classy and graceful.

Choice of bridesmaid dresses can vary from woman to woman depending on their body type and how far along they are in their pregnancy. If you are engaging in the wedding festivities with a baby in your tummy, here are some tips to make it work.

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1. Flaunt Or Conceal

As an expecting bridesmaid, the first thing you’d want to do is to decide whether you want to flaunt or conceal your baby bump. If you’d rather hide your growing belly, opt for a dress in an A-line silhouette with a full tulle or a lace skirt. Adding a sash to your bridesmaid dress will also look flattering on a pregnant belly. Wraps are also great if you also want to minimize your growing belly. For those who want to proudly show off their bump, try a slightly figure-hugging dress in draped styles. Pick soft and breathable fabrics like silk or jersey.

2. Measurements

It is extremely important to have your measurements taken by a professional seamstress,  experienced in altering dresses for the pregnant body. It is recommended to add 1-2 inches to your current measurement if you’re in the first trimester, 2-3 inches if you’re in your second and 3-4 inches if you’re in your third trimester. The bust size can be kept the same unless you observe some noticeable change. Many pregnant women experience changes in their shoe size, so buy a size up if you’re purchasing them ahead of time. Plan multiple dress fittings until the wedding week so that your seamstress can ensure that the dress fits like a glove as your body changes.

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3. Ordering The Dress

As a general rule, you should order two sizes up than what you normally wear. Remember, it is easier to alter a dress to be smaller rather than to make it larger. Make sure to make your purchase as close to the wedding day as possible to minimize the need for major alterations as well as to avoid any last minute issues in your sizing. However, make sure to discuss it with your bridal stylist first to ensure that your dress can be delivered in such short notice. If you’re planning on matching bridesmaid dresses, there may be color variations for orders placed months apart; so ensure that your dress will be of the same color as that of other bridesmaids.

4. Dress Style

Empire waistline and halter neck styles are the most flattering styles for bridesmaids with a baby bump. A deep V neck can also help in drawing attention away from your lower body. Bridesmaid dresses in lightweight, flowing fabrics like chiffon, will ensure that the dress is not too tight around your belly. It will also allow you to move and sit with ease. Avoid dresses with ruching and heavy detailing as it can be extremely difficult to alter. Consider adding extra length to the dress to allow for ample growth and keep some extra fabric handy in case the dress requires any last minute alterations.

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5. Health First

Pregnancy can take a toll on both your physical and emotional health. Don’t feel obligated to actively participate in parties and bridal showers. Your friends will definitely understand if you prefer to take on a smaller role in the wedding. During the wedding, try sitting down in the first row rather than walking up the aisle or standing for long hours. Keep in mind that your energy level will be limited so keep healthy and energizing treats like fresh fruit, nuts and dried fruits in your bag. Put your health before everything else-  opt for flats instead of heels, drink plenty of water, and never overexert yourself to the point of exhaustion.

6. Embrace Your Body

Lastly, embrace your pregnancy and your changing pregnant body with open arms. Your pregnancy plays a major role in adding to the celebratory vibes of the wedding. This is a wonderful thing for you, so don’t feel guilty about needing a little extra consideration. You’re going to look a little different from the rest but don’t let that hinder you from enjoying the wedding. Moreover, you have every right to eat that second piece of cake- no one will judge!

Dressing your baby bump should be a fun experience and definitely not something you should be stressing over! There are definitely great wedding dress options no matter how far along you are, so don’t let being pregnant discourage you from enjoying the wedding.