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Should Your Bridesmaids Wear Black?

Tips & Guidance | By:cocomelody

Planning a dream wedding could be an extremely stressful affair. As the bride, you have to make decisions about your wedding theme, the ceremony and reception decorations, the catering, your wedding dress and even the…Read More>>

Bridal Party

Dressing up for a bridal party? Welcome to Cocomelody Magazine’s dazzling bridal party dresses collection!

As a professional, Cocomelody Magazine proudly presents wide selections of formal wedding attire. Definitely, a little black dress should be great for formal events. But if you expect to win compliments, why not choose something that says more about you? Needless to say, it’s crucial for you to find your own signature color if you’d like to impress the crowd.

Of course, a wedding ceremony is all about the loving couple, but who says that the bridal paty have to stay in the background till the very end? Here we are with some pointers for you to jazz up your ensembles.

Get dressed, love. And hesitate not to share the sweetness and unique charm of wedding with the crowd!