Should Your Bridesmaids Wear Black?

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Planning a dream wedding could be an extremely stressful affair. As the bride, you have to make decisions about your wedding theme, the ceremony and reception decorations, the catering, your wedding dress and even the dresses of your attendants.

You may be wondering why bridesmaid dresses are so important; after all, they are not the ones getting married. Well, whether you like it or not, you have to invest quite some time figuring out how your bridesmaid dresses can fit in with your wedding’s overall theme. A great bridesmaid dress should complement or provide a great contrast between your wedding gown, the invitations and even the flowers you’re using to spruce up your chosen venue. In a nutshell, your bridesmaids’ dresses should match or, at the very least, complement your wedding’s color scheme.

Fortunately, there’s a wide selection of bridesmaid dress styles available today. Unfortunately, with so many options to choose from, you may actually find yourself feeling overwhelmed.

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How about black bridesmaid dresses, though?

It used to be that using black in the wedding design was strictly taboo as black was considered too somber to incorporate into a festive occasion. Although black is still not a traditional wedding color, the taboo on black wedding dresses is now a thing of the past. Most brides today see black wedding dresses as something extraordinary and an exquisite choice over the conventional white wedding gowns and coral or turquoise bridesmaid dresses.

For those of you who are still not convinced to go against the grain, here are four reasons to embrace the color black for your attendants’ attire.

1. It will make your wedding more you 

The first and probably the most important reason to consider black dresses for your girls is that it’s a great way to defy tradition and do something unique, something that feels more YOU. It’s your special day and you should do what you want, not what society keeps telling you to do! If you don’t dig wedding cakes, get macaroons instead. If you don’t want someone to give you away, walk down the aisle by yourself. If you feel more yourself having black as a prominent wedding color, choose captivating bridesmaid dresses in black and get a gorgeous black wedding dress for yourself too!

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2. Black is an easy color to keep clean

Are you worried some of your bridesmaids will spill just about everything they eat on their dress? Unless you want them to make a bib out of napkins when they eat their reception dinner, go for black bridesmaid dresses. When compared with the typical bridesmaid dresses, black dresses are way more likely to look just as good as new at the end of the big day – and in all of the photographs too.

3. Black dresses can be worn again

See, black is the color that’s most likely to be worn again, as every woman can add a black dress to her wardrobe and find a use for it, whereas the usual coral and turquoise gowns might end up languishing in the back of their closet. Your friends will definitely appreciate you choosing convertible bridesmaid dresses for them that they can easily wear again to nice events, date nights, or even another wedding!

Style: #COZF1500F

4. Black looks beautiful in photographs 

Black bridesmaid dresses will look amazing in your wedding photographs, especially if you are throwing a destination wedding. With the exception of maybe inside of a dark cave, we genuinely can’t think of a wedding destination where black wouldn’t look hot. Also, it’s a fact that black is extremely flattering for just about all skin tones and body types.

5. Black dresses are affordable

This one is for brides who don’t want to blow through their big day budget. One HUGE benefit of black being a non-traditional wedding color is that it doesn’t enjoy the same demand that other traditional wedding colors do. This means that you can typically find formal inexpensive bridesmaid dresses in black for your bridesmaids for a fraction of the price for what you would pay for your typical bridesmaid dresses!

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Whether your bridesmaid dress color code is black, white, yellow, or mix and match, as long as you feel confident you’ve made the right choice, you’ve made the right choice! So, if you’re clamoring for the “little black number” for you or bridal party, we say, you go for it! Maybe, some older guests at your wedding might raise their eyebrows as you go against what is customary with your choice of wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses, but hey, it’s YOUR wedding day and everything about it should be the way you want.