5 Best Ways to Pee in Your Wedding Dress

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Weddings come with its share of challenges and one of the most understated issues is to find an easy way to pee while wearing the wedding dress. With the wedding nerves kicking in, brides often find the urge to visit the washroom at odd hours. Now, that can be quite an annoyance, but don’t worry- we’re here to share five ways you can pee hassle-free while wearing your wedding dress!

5 Best Ways to Pee in Your Wedding Dress

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1. Ask For Help

This may sound ridiculous but it is perfectly fine to ask your bridesmaid or your maid of honor to accompany you inside the stall. That way you’ll have at least one extra pair of hands to help you lift your dress and prevent it from getting dirty or drenched. However, they’ll be in their bridesmaid dresses too so make sure they don’t ruin it while helping you protect your own. Ideally, you can have two of your friends lifting the dress from either side. This works best if you have a private restroom or a single occupancy bathroom.

2. Hygiene First

Ask your entourage to wash their hands before touching your dress to ensure there’s nothing that can stain your dress. Before you enter the bathroom, make sure that the bathroom floor is dry and free of dirt. Regardless of how long your train is, your gown is going to be dragging a bit. Also, it’s better you leave your drinks outside. You wouldn’t want your bridesmaid elbowing your delicately balanced raspberry sorbet all over your dress while you struggle to manage your business inside the tiny stall.

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3. Opt For The Handicap Stall

If you are using a public restroom, use the handicap stall. It will be more spacious as compared to the other stalls. This means you or your bridesmaid don’t have to risk sticking to the walls while handling your wedding dress. Moreover, these stalls have bars and additional handles mounted on the wall that you can use to steady yourself.

4. Face the wall

Another helpful tip you can try is to pee while facing the wall. This way the back and train of your gown will be away from the toilet and it will also prevent you from accidentally peeing on your dress. Moreover, if you’re not comfortable having your entourage inside the stall, facing backward will prevent you from being overly self-conscious.

5. Figure Out Your Strategy

The most common (and hassle-free) way of peeing in your wedding dress is to lift your dress all the way up to your chest and hold onto it while you pee. It prevents your dress from touching the floor as well as picking up unwanted bathroom germs. This works well for ball gowns and A-line wedding dresses. However, if you have a tight fitting dress in a mermaid or body-hugging style, you’d want to take it off entirely. Each round can take about 15 minutes, and if you plan on taking off the dress entirely, about 25 minutes so plan your strategy accordingly.

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Sometimes the best way to use the washroom is to plan a bathroom schedule along with the bridesmaids. Before the ceremony, during the lull between the ceremony and cocktail hour and after the toasts are all good options to schedule your washroom visits. It’ll cut the stress and prevent you from having to bolt during an important moment. Even if you are super-prepared, your bridal bathroom break will be nothing like you expected. So, take it easy, don’t stress too much and everything will work out just fine!