Romantic Bohemian Wedding Plan

Wedding Planning | By:cocomelody

Many brides have a preference for Bohemian style. They like its romance. So beauties, why not plan a wedding in this style? You can add Bohemian elements into your wedding ceremony, pretty wedding dress and also wedding veil. Sounds good?Today we will share some Bohemian elements with you. I bet this place reminds you of Bohemian style.

Red brick, old wood floor and bright window all let you enjoy nature and freedom. You can not forget fresh flower for you Bohemian wedding ceremony. Red, pink and white flowers can express the outgoing Bohemian style best. You can also wear it on your head. Is it lovely? Lace is a classic Bohemian element. Many girls will think lace sexy. At a Bohemian wedding, it is not just sexy but can also highlight your style easily. Want to choose one? Come to Cocomelody!