Three Best Color Schemes for Wedding

Wedding Planning | By:cocomelody

The color scheme matters a lot with your wedding. But how to pick one that can highlight your wedding? Good news! We show you three best color schemes below to bring you more inspirations!

1.Wedding venue

Wedding venue will tell you whether you can choose one color or not. For instance, you’d better choose warm colors like yellow if your wedding venue is on the lawn.

2.Add some neutral colors

Colorful objects will make your wedding more interesting. However, using too many colors in your wedding will not be a smart choice. If you can add some neutral colors such as white and gray, the whole decoration effect can be more than what you imagine!

3.Less is more

Is it so perfect when you choose those colors you want to match your wedding? However, it is difficult if you want 5 colors or more. In contrast, 4 colors including neutral colors will make your everything under control! So beauties, please remember, less is more!