6 Unforgettable Moments on Your Big Day

CEREMONY & RECEPTION Wedding Planning | By:cocomelody

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days in your life. A day you want to cherish forever and remember always. Being married for almost two years now (where has the time gone?) I still enjoy looking through our wedding pictures and reminiscing about our big day that we were able to spend with family and friends.

Your wedding day will consist of so many unforgettable moments and it is important to capture these as good as possible. One of my many tasks before the big day was to find a good wedding photographer, who could do just that. Luckily, I was able to find someone and to this day I am grateful for having this photographer by my side, who was able to bring our pictures to life.

Here are some moments that you might want to capture and look back at as years go by.

1. Getting Ready

With the hustle and bustle on your big day, you might be concentrating on all the things that could and will happen. If you step back for a minute you will notice a very intimate part of your big day which is when you are still in your room getting your hair and make up done and then finally putting on your dream wedding dress. For a brief moment you realize this is the day you have been looking forward to for so long. Getting ready pictures are very intimate, exciting and vulnerable at the same time. Looking back at these pictures will certainly make you remember how excited and nervous you were.


Style: #h1ii0017; Image Credit: Here North Photography

 2. First Look

In many countries there is the tradition to not see the groom/bride the night prior to the wedding until they are together at the altar. This is supposed to bring luck. For both the groom and the bride this builds suspense and keeps a hint of surprise in the air. Pictures like the one below show the groom or bride unknowingly of what they are about to expect. The moment when he lays eyes on you is just wonderful and a few tears of happiness might fall as well, when he sees you for the first time after what seemed a far too long night.


Style: #h1pn0352; Image Credit: Maile Lani Photography

3. Ceremony

It does not matter if your ceremony is small and intimate or big and bold. You want to cherish the moment that you were able to spend with your loved ones, family and friends. Pictures like this will automatically send you back thinking of the wonderful day you and your spouse had and all the joy and fun it came along with.


Style: #LD3932; Image Credit: Radiant Collective

4. Bouquet & Dress

A lot of details, research and work go into finding that perfect dress, so it is only natural that you want to capture the beauty of it. Each dress is unique and perfect for its wearer. Let it be short and dainty or long and extravagant. As a Cocomelody bride myself, I made sure to have pictures taken of the beautiful beading and lacing of my dress. Another eye catcher is the bouquet. It is certainly the second statement piece besides your wedding gown. The floral arrangement comes in a variety of colors and styles and may also tell a story.


 Style: #B14A0067; Image Credit: Iphotodev Photography

5. Cutting the Cake

A further tradition is cutting the cake together as newlyweds and saving the first slice until the first anniversary (to be honest, our slice did not last that long, the cake was too delicious). Cutting the cake is pretty much saying that the festivities are about to begin.


Style: #CWXT14061; Image Credit: Kay Mitchell Photography

6. First Dance

Nowadays the first dance can consist of a wonderful slow ballad or a funky pop song (whichever is your preference). It is a beautiful moment for the bride and groom as well as their onlookers who get to witness this special part of the celebration. This is your moment to shine and take the stage, literally.


Style: #JWXK15001; Image Credit: Chantale Latour Photography

Years from now you will look back at these special moments and feel the happiness and joy that you had on your wedding day. Sometimes there are things we tend to forget, little details or who held what speech or even who attended (if it was a big wedding), pictures make sure that you do not forget and that you can relive this day by looking at them.

So get your photo albums ready! Lights, camera, action!