An interview with CocoMelody’s in-house designer, Puey Quiñones

News | By:cocomelody

Behind each dream wedding dress is a talented designer. Today we showcase one of Cocomelody’s in-house designers, Puey Quiñones, who took some time off his busy schedule for some insider tips on wedding dress shopping and shares his own experiences about his craft.

What is the first thing you consider when you design a wedding gown?

PQ: When I do an in-store appointment, I consider the best silhouette that would flatter the client’s body. Through talking to her, I also get a sense of her personality and gauge what kind of dress style would suit her most. For general designing, I seek inspiration everywhere, from films to art to current fashion trends on the runway.

What’s your favorite part about designing wedding gowns?

PQ: I really enjoy hearing back from clients on how great they felt in their dresses. I love the whole process from start to finish: from sketching to the first fitting to the final fitting when everything’s put together and fine tuned. It’s hard work, but it’s definitely worth it once I see my clients feeling and looking her best for her special day.

What are some of the bridal trends that you love this season?

PQ: I like tiered skirts; they’re an updated version of the princess ball gown silhouette but with a more modern edge. Off the shoulder styles are also really popular right now and are very flattering for most body types.

What are some of your dress suggestions for beach weddings or other outdoor weddings?

PQ: These tend to be more low-key and laid back, so I would suggest a shorter length or bohemian-style dresses. I would recommend flowy fabrics that would work well with the natural winds and sea breeze.

When looking for wedding dresses online, how can brides-to-be pick the most flattering silhouettes for their body types?

PQ: On Cocomelody’s website, we have a Style Choosing Guide link at the bottom of the page that lists which dress styles look best on what body type. The general rule is to show off your favorite feature and determine which dress style highlights that best, and you’re one step closer to finding your dress.

What is the number one piece of advice you would give the bride searching for her dream wedding dress?

PQ: My number one advice would be to have fun! I know the process of finding your perfect dress can be really overwhelming and stressful, but don’t forget to have fun with it too. Always trust your gut instinct; you’ll know when you’ve found your dream dress!