How To Convince Your Mom To Love Your Wedding Dress?

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Weddings are fun and exciting, but they can definitely be a handful, especially for the bride. The wedding pressure can make everything seem a little more exaggerated than they actually are. And to top it all, many brides end up having an argument with their mother during the planning process. Arguments on the wedding dress can be one sure reason and achieving a compromise can be tricky. Choosing a dress is a stressful task and just when you thought you had your hands on the perfect dress, your mom thinks otherwise.

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If you’ve found yourself in a similar situation, worry not! Here are 6 ways you can lovingly get your mom to agree on your dream dress:

1. Speak up

The first step is to let your mom know how much you’re in love with the dress and what getting married in it actually means to you. Take your time in the dressing room to make sure that it is exactly what you want and decide how you’re going to break it to your mother. Be honest about how you really feel and explain to her why you’re absolutely in love with the dress. Anyway, if you feel confident and great in the dress, it’ll definitely show in your demeanor. And your mom most definitely can’t ignore that!

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2. Add some accents

More conservative mothers usually prefer traditional wedding gowns and can be hesitant about backless or strapless ones that modern brides prefer. The solution is pretty simple- find a middle ground so that you both can get what you want. Talk to your bridal stylist and see if you can add some lace, mesh or pretty detailing to the dress to tone it down a bit. Or you can throw on a fur accent or an elegant lace shrug that will work wonderfully with your strapless wedding gown.

3. Try something she picked out

The pressure of finding the perfect dress can get you thinking you love a dress when you actually don’t. So, take a moment and listen to what your mom has to say. At the least, try on the dress she picked out for you so that you don’t end up regretting your impulsive decision later. Even if you don’t like the dress, your mom will appreciate seeing you in a gown she picked out. There’s even a possibility she’ll realize it’s just not the gown for you and that it’s not worth fighting over.

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4. Put on a veil

This is probably the best tip we have for you. Most of the time putting on a wedding veil washes away all the emotional burden and negativity. It can be the missing piece that helps your mom see through her stubbornness and understand why you love the dress so much in the first place. Tugging at mom’s emotional heartstrings by giving her a more or less complete picture of how you’re going to look on the wedding day is a great way to settle a debate over the dress.

5. Don’t stress

Lastly, don’t make it an issue as it likely won’t even matter at the end. Once your mom realizes how much you love the dress, she will probably come around and develop an affinity for it. When your wedding day arrives, your mom probably won’t be thinking about the fact that she wasn’t in love with your gown instead, she will just be proud that she’s raised such a confident, beautiful woman who knows exactly what she wants!

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The relationship between a bride and her mother is wonderful and precious. Mothers are a daughter’s best friend and confidante. However, at times they can act a little difficult but that’s only because they want the best for you. All mothers need a little convincing sometimes and we hope these tips help you to get her on board.