How to Decorate your Wedding Table

Wedding Planning | By:cocomelody

Many girls want to impress the guests a lot. Cocomelody will be happy to share you some tips to surprise your guests!

Tip 1:Menu It will be helpful to put the menu in the dish. The format of the menu will be simple and concise.

Tip 2:Napkin Napkin can definitely be another amazing thing for you. You can print your guest name on it! They will feel so happy to see this!

Tip 3:Cookies Cookies can be put in your dish. They can try your happiness sweet first. No one will refuse the delicious things! In next post, Cocomelody will continue sharing you the wedding table decoration tips!


Tip 4: Fruit Recently, more and more people are favor of the healthy diet. Why not put some fruit on your dish?


Tip 5: Plant Plant can make a difference in the wedding table. Attention: Do not make it too full!


Tip 6: Creative thing You can put anything you want on the dish. It can be beautiful, practical or meaningful! These will impress your guests!