How to nail your First Dance?

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There are endless moments in a wedding ceremony that can be described as ‘unforgettable,’ but the one moment that can be truly called magical is the first dance. After all, the first dance represents the couple taking the first steps of their marital bliss in unison.

Sadly, this magical moment can also turn out to be the most stressful aspect of one’s big day as the fear of tripping or falling is always there among couples. Then, there are those as well who are anxious about performing in front of their friends and family. Such dreads often cast a gloom over the euphoria that the wedding couple is experiencing at the moment.

If you’re about to get married, though, you don’t have to be worried about your first dance. The ensuing tips will surely help you nail your first dance.

Start early

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1. Start early

To make your first dance feel and look natural, you want to be able to dance through your routine in your sleep! When your big day rolls around, you want to feel calm and confident about your first dance in your beautiful A-line wedding dress, whether it’s a simple routine or a soon-to-be YouTube sensation. You shouldn’t be filled with anxieties of, “Will I remember the steps?” or ” I feel so uncomfortable.” The best way to attain a state of first dance Zen is to start early with your lessons, so you have more than enough time to make your first dance exactly what you want. For a simple first dance, plan on two months of regular private dance lessons and group classes. For a show-stopping routine, plan on 4 – 6 months of regular dance lessons and group classes.

2. Think about when you would like to have your first dance

The first dance generally takes place either right when the newlyweds make their grand entrance to the reception, or a little later, after dinner has been served. If you’re planning to do a costume change into a fabulous wedding dress for the reception, it will make sense to do the first dance immediately after entering the reception. It will help to keep the energy and excitement up that comes from the grand entrance and the big reveal of the new wedding gown. On the other hand, some couples are more comfortable having time to settle into the reception before doing their spotlight dance, and so it can also work very well to time it to occur after dinner.

Think about when you would like to have your first dance

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3. Pick your first dance song or a few song options before your lesson

Your first dance should be as unique as you are! Your instructor can suggest a first dance song, but whatever song is special to you as a couple is the best song. Some songs are a bit easier to dance to than others, so if you have a few favorites bring them to your first lesson and your instructor will help you narrow it down to “the one.” Also, try to avoid songs which are so mushy that they venture into cheesy territory.

4. Know the size of your floor and layout of the space

To create and practice a first dance that can be executed flawlessly, you should have a sense of the details of the space you’ll be performing in. Some dances are more suited to larger spaces, so knowing the approximate size of the dance floor is very helpful. Also, practicing with those details in mind will allow you to relax on the big day, knowing that your performance will be just like your practice.

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5Keep your lessons close together

The fastest way to learn anything is through repetition; this is especially true with dancing! If you take too much time between lessons, most of each lesson will be spent reviewing rather than learning new things. If you’re able to take a few lessons a week for the first few weeks, you’ll progress several times faster than if you came in for the same number of the lesson but spread it over a longer time frame. Private lessons and group classes in combination can be especially helpful if you’re interested in also learning general social dancing skills that you can enjoy throughout the rest of the reception.

6. Practice

This is the most important tip! Whether you take five lessons or fifty lessons, the key to dancing with confidence on your big day is practice. Just spending 5 – 10 minutes per day can make a world of difference. Make those minutes your calm, romantic “together” moments and don’t forget to wear your lace mermaid wedding dress and dancing will quickly become your favorite part of the day!

Your first dance should not, in any way, be stressful for you or your partner. Following these tips will allow you to create a one-of-a-kind first dance that you can perform effortlessly on your big day.