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A valentine bridal shower is the best time to express gratitude for your girls. So, you make sure everyone has the time of their life.

Love is sweet. Love is patient. Love is kind.

It doesn’t boast, not proud, not self-seeking.

For our to-be brides, if that is your idea of love, host a bridal shower and celebrate it with your girls who had your back always. A valentine-themed bridal shower wouldn’t disappoint because who said valentines is only for couples. Share your love for your lovelies on a lovely theme, and we’re sure you’ll be receiving all that love back in unexpected ways.

valentine theme bridal shower

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Bridal Shower Tips

First and foremost – pick a date, probably a few weeks or months before the wedding day. The earlier, the merrier, since you’ll have one less thing to stress about.

Next, determine the venue and make a reservation early on. Also, this can be tricky, but be very considerate of the guest list and keep it an intimate affair where everyone has a gala time.

If you wish, you can plan the bridal shower inclusively. Don’t be influenced by the gendered term – walk away from bridal-centric themes in that case. But, if you want to stick to a traditional bridal shower with all your favorite girls (and women), that’s perfectly fine.

Have your budget planned so you can handle the specs with care. Determine who throws (or hosts) the party. Create invites – paper, e-invites, or whatever pleases you.

Pick a suitable theme for the party, “valentine,” in this case, but don’t get overboard with it; just play off the vibes of the venue. You can further incorporate wine and dine experience, a gift-giving extravaganza, maybe a nostalgic pajama party, soirées inspired by Emily in Paris, something with astrological energy, or with trendy cottagecore aesthetics.

Besides, figure out the bridal shower timeline and activities. While planning all of this, don’t forget the gifts – be thoughtful with gifting, and choose something contemporary and valuable. Also, on the day of the shower, make sure you have someone designated at the gift area.

Not to forget, decide on the decorations collectively, ask the venue about their catering options, and shop whatever’s necessary or pending.

Décor Ideas

Bridal Shower Decor ideas

Photo Credit: Kaitlyn Jean Photography ,Karaspartyideas

From balloon installations and petite centerpieces to fun photobooth, glittery accents, and monogrammed accessories, you can plan some exciting, dreamy, and adorable decorations for the valentine-theme bridal shower. Add little details that wow the guests. Roses, as always, will be a great addition to enliven the space. Shades of pink, red, gold, and white would work best. Lastly, don’t forget to maintain a personal, romantic touch in the entire setting.

For your convenience, it is best to work with a wedding planner who can guide you on some trendy yet timeless and romantic ideas to make the event memorable.

Bridal Shower Menuvalentine theme bridal shower menu ideas

Food and drinks must be well-thought-out. So what can you serve at the event? Chocolates, some pink champagne, and valentine-inspired foods make a savory delight. Besides, you can serve petite sandwiches, salads, seasoned fruits and nuts, muffins, cookies, cakes, some specialty drinks, artisan cheese, and more. Party-ready finger foods may be the safest and best bet.





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Dress to Disco

Another important Valentine-themed bridal shower tip is to dress appropriately. And, we want to stress on this one, since dressing for the occasion keeps you dancing all night without having to worry about the slipups.

But, we also understand there can be a lot of pre-wedding events, and choosing your outfits can get overwhelming. What must you do? Stay with us; the Cocomelody team has your back.

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