Q&A of Bridesmaids

Wedding Planning | By:cocomelody

Will you be my bridesmaid? When you are asked about this, what do you think? You may worry about this bridesmaid issue. That’s why we prepare several common Q&A for you and help you become a responsible bridesmaid!

 1.Before the ceremony, as a bridesmaid, what should you do? It’s very easy! You can ask the bride what you can do to help her, like organizing the activities, making DIY toys or just chatting with her.

 2.Do I need to pick the bridesmaid dress chosen by the bride? Of course not, you are the one that will wear the bridesmaid dress. You can buy bridesmaid dress from website or rent one. But remember, do this one month before the wedding ceremony.

 3.How much do I need to spend for one wedding ceremony? It depends on many factors like place and the bride’s requirements. However, you should spend money according to your actual economy situations.

 4.What should I buy for the bride? You can buy something special and can express your best wishes. You can also DIY or buy the gift together with others to reduce cost.

 5.Do I need to make a speech? If you want to say something, you’d better communicate with the bride first.

6.What should I prepare for the wedding ceremony? You should prepare some Band-Aids and painkillers. Of course, the bridesmaid dress! You need to wear it! Cocomelody may help you about this!