Rustic Wedding Ideas That You Cannot Miss

Wedding Planning | By:cocomelody

In recent years, more and more wedding couples have a preference for natural backyard and country weddings, especially those celebrities! Such a fresh outdoor wedding style is very suitable for those relaxed couples who don’t mind getting some mud on their shoes. However, although it is held outside, you still cannot overlook any item. In order to capture a chic country look, you’d better take rustic, sentimental and DIY decorations into considerations. And here are several wonderful rustic wedding ideas:

Wedding Dress Take a look at this wedding gown. It is perfect for this wedding theme as its tea length won’t make the whole dress get damaged by mud, dirt or grass! Meanwhile, the vintage lace fabric and sparkling beads also adds something unique and satisfy a rustic bride’s demands.

Flowers As for country flower arrangements, they are all in muted colors, such as green, white, light pink and yellow. You are in the outdoors, so why not make the area background the natural decoration for your wedding and you just need to add touches of color with centerpieces. You can even throw away everything including roses and daisies; just remember to keep the ensemble simple and romantic. Venue For a rustic wedding, the perfect venue is a large field, barn or backyard. Also, you can highlight the whole wedding site with lanterns, tea lights and many handmade embellishments.

Favors at the wedding party Never forget rustic brides’ favorite, the mason jar! Mason jars are very fashionable in the DIY community! They are multi-purpose and there are numerous ways to decorate them. You can give your guests mason jars with desserts as wedding gifts and add tags or ribbons to take them up. I’m sure that they will enjoy those delicious desserts and they can also reuse jars at home. How wonderful!