Several Tips to Help Take Care of Your Prom Dress

Tips & Guidance | By:cocomelody


We know that the prom dress is how meaningful to you and you surely want to keep it in your memory. But do you have any idea about how to take care of it? Take a cue from this post and make your prom gown always a perfect look!

 Before wearing Try to avoid wrinkles: When you take your unique prom dress back home, ensure that it has enough space to breathe. And make sure that there isn’t anything rubbing on the dress to avoid its wrinkle. But if your prom gown does wrinkle, a dry iron will be useful to protect it, or you can go to a professional dry clean to have it steamed. Another great way is hanging up your prom dress on the shower rod in your bathroom. Then turn your shower water on the hottest temperature, close the door of your bathroom, and let it naturally steam for approximately 15 minutes.

 After wearing After the prom dress is worn, it should be dry-cleaned before you put it inside your closet. There maybe several stains on your gown and this seems inevitable. So you must deal with them immediately so that your dress will not be ruined. You can use color-safe bleach or liquid detergent to handle with those makeup stains. If the prom party is outdoor, then you have to apply alcohol to wipe off the fabric and a chlorine bleach to cope with remaining stains. But most importantly, you must use warm water to clean it. If you still cannot remove all those stains, then try to search for a professional dress cleaner!

 You’d better preserve your prom dress in a cool and dry place. Never put it anywhere damp or hot and don’t store it in places with too much natural sunlight because all these areas will discolor your dress over time. In addition, don’t forget to regularly check your prom gown to make sure it is not damaged.