Spring Wedding Colors – Bridesmaid Dresses

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For a new couple, the wedding is one of the happiest and most romantic moments in their lives. Apart from the wedding dresses for bride, we still need to pay attention to the dresses for bridesmaids. Although the bridesmaids are stars while the bride is the moon, they are still indispensable in the wedding ceremony and their dresses are expected to be consistent with the wedding scene. Therefore, it is necessary to keep up with the theme and the season to present the exclusive atmosphere of the wedding.

According to the hottest colors of bridesmaid dresses in the spring of recent years, some gentle-colored bridesmaid dresses would be recommended as following. They perfectly show the tenderness and elegance of spring and are ideal for spring weddings. Here we go:

Ballet Pink

Ballet is typically marketed to young girls as a fantasy – princesses and fairies and always meant to simulate the color of flesh. We can also call Ballet pink as Ballerina pink. In most cases, this is many women’s favored color and very suitable for spring wedding dress colors.

Grass Green

The color green means renewing, relaxing and that is one of the critical theme in spring wedding. A spring wedding with the beautiful color grass green is delightful scenery. Bridesmaids would look amazing with grass green dresses. 

Ivory White

Nothing is more romantic than ivory white, and it’s the most loved color for lace bridesmaid dresses. Ivory white is ideal for many people because it is suitable for people of all skin types, as well as highlighting the graceful role of bridesmaid. With different shades and even floral motifs, lace and sparkling jewels, the ivory white bridesmaid dresses will surely satisfy even the astute bride and her bridesmaids.

Dim Gray

Gray might sound odd and dull in a wedding, but a bridesmaid dress in grey color is really pretty with sunshiny yellow. Actually the combination of grey and yellow is hugely popular for wedding in recent years, and grey is getting paired with everything. If you want to wear a colored wedding dress in green, yellow, purple or rose pink, I think dim grey, a lovely example for unique bridesmaid dresses, is brilliant. 


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Orange has been a winning choice for maids over the last 2-3 years because this color looks beautiful next to white, also a flattering color. To help bring more life into pure color of spring, orange is the perfect choice and really livens and brightens any wedding!