Ten Things You should Know Before Choosing Your Wedding Dress(1)

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We bet that you have imagined to wear the wedding dress many times. However, you will many things for you to consider. You even do not know how to pick up the wedding dress. Cocomelody has ten tips which will help you a lot. Now Let’s get started!

1.Think of the styles you like

You may notice some advertisements or you may be attracted by the model in wedding dress store. You can take photos of them. These photos will help you choose the wedding dress!

2.Try something new

Many designers find that many brides go to pick the dream wedding dress in wedding dress store. But the one she likes does not fit her well. So you should be prepare for this and do not be sad. Why not try something new? You can be more beautiful in another wedding dress!

3. Memorize your own size

Memorizing your own size not only helps you choose the dress on Internet but also aids you choose the right size for you in wedding store.

4. Shopping in Advance

Many dresses are needed between 4 and 8 months to make. In addition, many details need to be adjusted during that time. If you do not shop it in advance, you will not have time to make it perfect! 5. Know your budget

Cost is a main element for you to consider. If you know your budget better, you will find it easier for you to get the wedding dress without regrets. Want to see more? We will share you the rest five tips next time.