Tip: Choosing the Right Wedding Veil

Tips & Guidance | By:cocomelody

There’s no other accessory that completes a bride’s look as much as a wedding veil does. After all, there’s nothing quite as spectacular as watching a bride walking down the aisle, her wedding veil obscuring her face. But beyond the dramatic effect that a wedding veil provides, it can also make or break the bride’s look. There are so many options for wedding veils nowadays that it can be hard to figure out how to decide on the right one for you and your wedding dress. Here, we’ve provided a rundown on the different types of wedding veils and which wedding dress styles to pair them with.


Cathedral Veil 


Average length: 110″-120”

For the most formal and regal of weddings, the cathedral veil is the way to go. This is the longest veil available and looks most appropriate (and dramatic!) with a dress that has a train. Keep in mind that since the cathedral veil is so long, it will hide the majority of the back of the wedding dress.


Chapel Veil


Average Length: 90”-100”

The chapel veil will create the illusion of a train. Like the cathedral veil, the chapel veil is most suitable for a formal setting and will make any bride look very ethereal and romantic.


Floor Veil 


Image by Affordable Elegance Bridal via Pinterest

Average Length: 72”

The floor veil lightly skims the ground and just about matches the length of the bride’s dress. It adds some volume to your look and is perfect with a sheath or ball gown silhouette.


Waltz Veil 


Average Length: 60”

The waltz veil falls about mid-calf and is ideal for brides who want a long veil, but do not want to opt for a floor-length one. The waltz veil, also knows as the ballet veil, looks great with long wedding dresses with tiered wedding dresses, as seen in the image above.


Fingertip Veil


Average Length: 26-38”

The fingertip veil extends to the bride’s fingertips and works well with most wedding gown styles, making it one of the most popular veil styles. Case in point: this was Kate Middleton’s choice of veil during her highly anticipated royal wedding.


Elbow Veil


Average Length: 25”

Like its name suggests, the elbow veil extends to your elbow and is considered the universal veil. It’s flattering to most dress types but looks best with princess ball gowns, as the veil ends just where the fullness of the skirt begins. 


Shoulder Veil


Average Length: 20”

The shoulder veil is ideal for more embellished gowns as it rests just on your shoulders, giving no obstructed view of your dress from any angle. The shoulder veil also pairs well with short dresses suited for city hall weddings and casual affairs.