Tip: Creating the Wedding Registry

Wedding Planning | By:cocomelody

Registering for wedding gifts is one of the most exciting parts about getting married. Not only can you specify which items you would like to be given, but it’s something that grooms also genuinely look forward to and enjoy. However like all aspects of wedding planning, registering for gifts can also be stressful and should be planned with careful thought. Here are some of our top tips for ensuring a stress-free wedding registry experience:

1. Register at a maximum of 3 places, varying in content and price points. While most guests won’t have a problem with clicking a link to your online registry, some (like Grandma!) will still prefer the more traditional route of physically going to the store and picking items out. Choose a national department store or chain so that all your guests have easy access to them, regardless of where they live.

2. Register at least four months before your wedding, so that guests may purchase gifts for your bridal shower and engagement as well. If you want to register as soon as you announce your engagement, go for it; your friends and family will want to send you their congratulations right away!

3. The best place is to reference your registry details is on your wedding website. While it is considered distasteful to put your registry on the wedding invitation, you can put your wedding website URL on the invite instead. The old-fashioned word of mouth method is also effective in getting your registry details out there.

4. With so many items available out there, it can be overwhelming to pinpoint what to include in your list/s. It’s important that you make these decisions with your partner. While he may not express much interest in picking out china patterns and bed sheets, he may enjoy picking out other items such as bar ware and outdoor grills. Ultimately, your registry should reflect both your interests and personalities, so make sure to pick items that you both love and will use for years to come.

5. Wedding registry lists used to only include items for the home, but over the years they have expanded to much more. From Groupon gift cards for a wine tasting weekend in Napa to providing a charity guests can donate to in lieu of gifts, modern technology has allowed new couples to be gifted with new experiences rather than just physical items for the home. If you would like to ask for monetary gifts but are unsure on how to proceed, websites like Honeyfund specifically provide honeymoon and cash registries.