Tip: How to choose a signature cocktail

Wedding Planning | By:cocomelody

The signature wedding cocktail is one of our favorite wedding traditions. It’s not only a great way to represent you as a couple, but it also makes the wedding reception feel more festive. More importantly, having a full open bar at your wedding can be very expensive, so serving a signature cocktail, along with just beer and wine, can cut costs. We understand that coming up with the perfect recipe can seem daunting, so here are some tips to help you choose your signature cocktail:

Incorporate personal touches

Just like every element of your special day, your signature cocktail should have a story behind it. Maybe you shared some margaritas on your first date, or there’s a specific bottle of wine that you both regularly enjoy. Sharing these personal touches to your guests will make the day more special and meaningful.


Follow your color palette

Sticking to your color palette can make everything look more elegant and sophisticated. If it’s difficult to match your wedding colors with your signature cocktail, use a fun straw or colored glasses to complement the hues.


Serve his and hers cocktails

If you can’t decide on a type of liquor or flavor, having two signature cocktails will add more variety and give your guests more options.


Keep it seasonal

Fresh ingredients can make the simplest drink taste superb, so look for ingredients that are seasonally available.


Don’t overthink it

Keep the ingredients simple and easy to make: the bartenders at your reception will be making these drinks all night, so it’s best to come up with something that isn’t too overly complicated. You can stick to classic cocktail recipes and put a unique twist to them by adding a couple of ingredients that represents your personalities (maybe add spice for your feisty attitude or vanilla extract for his soothing nature!)