Tip: How to Create The Perfect Wedding Website

Wedding Planning | By:cocomelody

Creating a wedding website is not only essential for you to have all your wedding details in one place, but it’s also an efficient and reliable tool for your guests to gather information about your special day. Creating a wedding website can seem overwhelming at first and it’s difficult to gauge how specific you need to be on details, so here are some of our top tips to create yours:

Keep it personal and in theme: It’s your wedding, so don’t shy away in making it all about you and your partner! You’ll want your website to represent you as a couple and feel like a prelude to your wedding day. It’s also worth keeping in mind to get a URL name that will be easy for guests to remember.

Easy navigation: Whether you want your website designed as simple as possible or go all out on the creative process, you’ll want guests to easily navigate through your pages easily. There’s nothing more confusing than an unorganized website with too many unnecessary elements and links.

Include the basic details: From the wedding venue to specifying the dress code, it’s important to provide all logistical information to your guests. Having a wedding out of town? Giving links to nearby hotels, local activities, and even weather forecasts are incredibly useful for your guests.

Protect your website: It’s highly recommended that you password protect your website! No one likes wedding crashers, and more importantly, you wouldn’t want your basic information, such as phone numbers and addresses, to be available on a public platform.

Include an itinerary: There’s a lot going on during any wedding weekend, so it’s ideal to provide a clear timeline for guests to know the logistics. This is also a good way to add specific details, such as if you’re having a cash-only bar, or if your reception is going to be outdoors, then suggest more appropriate footwear.

Gift registry: Provide guests with various gift ideas by giving links to your wedding registries.

Add fun touches: Now that you’ve shared all your wedding essentials, it’s time to incorporate some fun into your website. Whether you share your excitement with your loved ones by adding a countdown clock to your wedding website, or allowing the option for guests to leave messages via comment boxes, having interactive elements such as these will make it more exciting for everyone.