Tips for Saving Money for Your Wedding

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Tip1: Have a wedding for just you two

You can have a wedding only for you two with a witness, a photographer and a cool car. Sounds great? Love is the matter between you two. So just enjoy a journey with your loving one!

Tip2: Hold a small party

You can also hold a small party instead of a grand wedding ceremony. It differs from the majority of weddings and make you special easily.

Tip3: Smart schedule

Limit the time for every part. For instance, you can leave one hour for your ceremony. Two hours for your evening dinner and you can rent a small bar to hold a party. Many wedding guests will go back home during dinner time. It is easy for you to manage your time and money then.

Tip 4: Limit the number of your wedding guests

If you have a limited budget, you can limit your guests’ number to save cost. In addition, you will also care about everyone in your wedding.

Tip 5: Choose to marry in slack season

In busy season, the cost is often much higher. What’s more, it is busy in most of the wedding stores and venues. So you will have a better wedding and better budget if you choose to marry in slack season!