Top 5 Outdoor Games to Make Your Wedding Day Special

Wedding Planning | By:cocomelody

 Wedding day is the most special day of life for everyone,all of us want it to be special, memorable and best of every other day. Some arrange a music party, some arrange a memorable dance performance while some try to arrange wonderful games at their event. But the question is what kind of events and games to arrange? Here Cocomelody will share some great ideas with you to make your wedding day super great and memorable. Below are top 5 outdoor wedding events to make this come true.

1)Arrange a dance floor

Arranging a bashing dance floor for your guests to enjoy a couple dance along with the wedding couple is a great idea to delight your guests with amazement. Make this happen on a soft music. Every couple enjoying a couple dance on dance floor seems wonderful to be done at a wedding ceremony. Moreover, you can arrange this dance to be a competition to make it more enjoyable. Also,You can take a piece of cloth for dancing, which would be wrapped up to its half after each time slot of dance and the couple managing to stand up till the end is declared as the winner.

2)Arrange a trampoline for kid guests

Kids are an important part of a function and they cannot be ignored to be overwhelmed. It is best to arrange a trampoline for kids and make them enjoy the wedding function to their most. You may arrange a big trampoline for kids to enjoy rebounding together or you may arrange different medium sized trampolines. This arrangement makes kids to enjoy a lot a wedding functions and make the day great for them too.

3)Arrange a music chair

Music chair is a great game to be offered to your guests to enjoy at your wedding. Music chair is a wonderful game that helps you interact with other guests at wedding and this interaction makes your guests and you enjoy wonderful time at your wedding.

4)Arrange a hot air balloon ride for your guests

Arranging a small area hot air balloon ride for your guests at your wedding is a unique idea. It will make your wedding day and your guests joyous. This would help making your wedding day memorable for you and everyone attending it. This is a great and unique idea to put it on your wedding day.