Why You Should Ditch Your Heels On Your Wedding Day?

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Your wedding is the time to shine and feel your best and literally put your best foot forward, so why opt to sky high heels, if you feel uncomfortable in them? There is nothing worse than being a bride, who cannot have a great time dancing and interacting with guests due to her feet being in pain. Although heels add a few inches to height and can elongate the look of your legs, is it really worth it?

A bride should wear what she is most comfortable in and what represents her best. If you do not want to ditch the heels completely, you can certainly choose to wear them for pictures or the ceremony and then opt to change into something more comfortable for the venue. There are also classes that one can take to learn how to walk correctly in heels if you really REALLY want to wear those heels, you have always imagined wearing to your wedding. But alas this article is not just about heels, but reasons why an alternate choice of shoes might be reasonable!

ditch those heels of yours is simply out of comfort

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1. Comfort

As mentioned above a very good reason to ditch those heels of yours is simply out of comfort. Blisters, squished toes are no fun ever, especially on your big day. If you do love heels, especially when rocking your wedding dress, you can do so for the reception and maybe for the pictures. Once the major focal points are over, you can slip into something more comfortable, e.g. ballerinas or kitty heels. Believe me, your feet will thank you for that change and you can go on with dancing and mingling with your guests with no worry in the world.

2. Style

Many might tell you that heels are the only shoes you can wear with your wedding gown but that is not true. When it comes to style there are so many dainty, elegant, fun and chic varieties to choose from, e.g. Brogue, Chelsea, wedges, platforms, sneakers, sandals etc. In addition heel is not heel! You can skyrocket on six inch heels or you can go lower with a cute kitty heel.

Skyrocket on six inch heels or go lower with a cute kitty heel

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3. Height

If you are someone who has been blessed with long legs but is a trait you might be self-conscious about then opt for ballerinas or sandals. Also do not feel like you have to ditch the heels because you might be taller than your soon to be husband, that is just a bad trait on his part.

4. Wearability

When it comes to bedazzled, one of a kind heels, it seems that your wedding day will be the only day you will be wearing them. Why not wear a shoe that you can cherish a little longer and enjoy wearing more often. Flats or sneakers will fit in your day to day wardrobe and bring back a little bit of your wedding, which is quite a nice idea if you ask me.

Flats or sneakers will be quite a nice idea

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5. Cost

During your wedding planning did you include the budget for your heels? A lot of times the smallest details are not taken into account for. But this does not call for a make it or break it situation, you can cut down costs by choosing a different style of shoe! Boots and sneakers are usually a lot cheaper! So there you have it, no need to redo your budget.

So let us put all this into retrospect. Flats offer a lot of comfort, meaning no blisters or squashed toes; they come in a variety of different styles, shapes and designs; it is more likely that you will wear your flats even after your wedding day, which is nice because you get to be reminded of your special day AND you will probably save a pretty penny by opting for the more comfortable alternative than spending more on their heeled counterparts.

by choosing a different style of shoes

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In the end it is what you want and think is best for you and any option you choose let it flat or heeled will be right. Just know that times have changed and there are many more options than you might think and suit your taste.