10 Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas

CEREMONY & RECEPTION Wedding Planning | By:cocomelody

Wedding cakes have come a long way throughout the years. Although the styles and designs have changed, one thing we can all agree on is their delicious taste! Today I will introduce you to ten alternative wedding cake ideas that will make your mouth water!

1. The Cheese Cake

This is certainly not your traditional New York Cheesecake. What we have here is a cake made of various flavored cheeses. Paired with a nice glass of wine, this would make the perfect combination. This cake can either be served as the main wedding cake or as an after dinner cheeseboard.


2. The Macaroon

Macaroons have certainly become very popular in recent years and you might wonder how you were able to live without this sweet treat before. Macaroons are quite romantic, dainty and come in various colors that will certainly match your wedding theme.

3. The Waffle

Just the thought of a waffle/pancake cake makes my mouth water. The fluffiness of the waffle topped off with whipped cream and fresh berries will certainly have your guests asking for more. Waffle/pancake cakes are great for any wedding but go really well with Boho/Rustic weddings.

4. The Croquembouche

Croquembouche is a traditional French pastry and if you would like to get fancy and exquisite for your wedding this might be the right alternative. The croquembouche are not only fluffy but also bite-size and filled with cream. A great addition is if they are drizzled with syrup, chocolate or caramel.

5. The Cupcake

A further fun variation of a wedding cake is having it consist of cupcakes. Cupcake cakes are great for offering your guests a variety of different flavors and toppings. They certainly please everyone. In addition the individual cupcakes are bite size and cause less mess. This type of cake is great for weddings that have younger guests, e.g. kids.


Style: #LD3832; Image Credit: JS Wedding Photography

6. The Pie

Looking for a more rustic and homemade appeal, then the pie variation is just for you. With intricate and beautiful braiding and weaving designs, pies can certainly be an eye catcher. This is a great alternative if you want to offer your guests a sweet treat without a cake. If you would like to offer your guests a variety of flavors, mini pies are great to add on for them to sample.

7. The Candy Bar

For those who are looking for something completely different to the traditional cake and want to bring out their inner child, a candy bar might be just what you want. The set up is usually very colorful and provides a variety of different candies, let them be sweet or sour, and gummies. Offering so many different sweets will certainly bring out the sweet tooth in everyone.

8. The Cake Pop

Cake pops have transformed the idea of traditional pastries and sweets a lot. Who would have thought that they also make a great wedding cake? There so many colors and flavors to choose from and being small and mess free is certainly a plus.

9. The Rice Krispie

When you think about Rice Krispie treats, the first thought will usually be that they are small and rectangular. Once you start venturing out and looking for alternative styles, you will come across an array of variations. Rice Krispie cakes are great as an add-on to your wedding cake or work very well as a standalone too!


10. The Donut

You can not go wrong with donuts. Donuts are great because there are a variety of fillings and coatings. Due to this you can make sure to have something for everyone’s taste. Big advantages are that donuts are small enough for individual portions that one can go grab and eat and that they are quiet cost-effective and who does not like that?!


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Have you worked up an appetite after reading this? I certainly have. I hope I was able to expand your knowledge on wedding cakes and what bakeries and cake shops have to offer. The decision might not be easy but in the end I am sure you will choose the sweet centerpiece that fits your idea and theme the best.