10 Sweet Ideas for An Intimate Backyard Wedding

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Nowadays there are so many options of where you can hold your wedding ceremony but the most intimate would have to be a backyard wedding held at your or a relative’s home. Choosing to wed in a familiar place you possibly grew up in brings back a lot of memories but also the feeling of being safe and loved. Here are ten sweet ideas if you decide to have an intimate backyard wedding!

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1. Wedding Altar

Wedding altars come in many shapes and sizes, this can be a gazebo or thick branches tied together and decorated with luscious flowers, or even a fabric backdrop. The possibilities are endless.

2. Dancing Floor Options

If you are planning to have people dancing and performing, you might want to add a designated area in your yard. You can simply have it sectioned off with ribbons and have the soft grass underneath your feet be the floor or you can decide to go with a more even and durable floor, e.g. decking tiles.

3. Wooden Signs

Wooden signing is also a staple for any backyard wedding due to its rustic and earthy flair. To introduce your guests you can use a wooden board as a welcome sign. Do you have more acres to spare? Then making pointed arrow signs can lead the way to different areas of your wedding, e.g. reception, games, photo booth etc.

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4. Table Assignments

Planning weddings are so much fun because you can get very creative and incorporate things, you did not think of before. If you are expecting a lot of guests or have several tables to choose from, it is always helpful to have a seating chart. This chart can be an old window pane or as in the picture below antique frames.

5. Picture Collage

An interesting addition to your wedding set up is a picture collage of you and your future husband throughout the various stages of life or if it is possible to get pictures of both parents and grandparents etc. on their wedding days. It is nice to see how much weddings and attire (especially wedding dresses) have changed throughout the years.

6. Rustic Tree Stump Displays

As mentioned above wooden pieces are a staple to any rustic, backyard wedding. Sliced tree stump pieces can be used in a variety of ways, e.g. placemats, candleholders, coasters, plates and more.

7. String Lights

Lights can add so much to a wedding, especially if the wedding continues into the night. String or fairy lights are a great option because they have the effect of a star-filled night or little fireflies flying around. They are certainly a great accent piece to include in your backyard wedding.

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8. Mason Jar Everything

When it comes to backyard weddings, you want to keep the style somewhat homey and give the illusion that you used items that you have around the house. Mason jars are great for decorating! From drinking glasses to vases, to candle holders and even candy jars, they are certainly the all-rounder!

9. Lawn Games

A backyard wedding can offer so much when it comes to activities. Set up a stand with various lawn games to entertain your guests. This is both a fun option for younger and older attendees. If you want to add on, you can make a little competition out of it!

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10. Self-made Gifts for Guests

A beautiful and personal touch to add to your wedding is to offer self-made gifts for the guests. Again tiny mason jars come in handy, which can be decorated with ribbons, stickers and name tags. You can offer something sweet like honey or something more tart like seasoned salt.