3 Mistakes you should avoid during Dress Shopping

Tips & Guidance | By:cocomelody

 As a 2017 Bride-to-be, I started my dress shopping 3 months ago, and I find that it is really difficult to find the perfect wedding dress! I think it is even more difficult than saving the world, lol. However I did get some experience through my dress shopping, so today I would love to share some common mistakes that many b2bs may came across, wish this can help you girls avoid them.

1.Bring the wrong partners

Inviting the wrong partners is the most common mistake that many b2bs came across. I invited one of my girlfriends to go with my dress shopping; she really did not give me any help, when I need someone to remind me being rational, she made me more irrational! So you should definitely choose partners who are really interested in your dress shopping and have similar taste, and are willing to share her inner ideas with you! The most important the partners need to be the ones who remind you to be rational! Please do remember that choosing the perfect wedding dress is so important to fulfill your wedding dream, don’t ruin it!

2. Know Nothing about your Wedding Dress Selection

Walking into the wedding dress store without any idea about what you want is a terrible mistake. Firstly, you should have some basic idea about the dresses you love, read some magazines or check some wedding dress pictures online, online stores like cocomelody will list many different wedding dresses for customers to choose, you can have a check. Usually physical stores won’t have that many choices, but you can always ask the sales to find similar ones for you to do dress fitting. Entering a wedding dress store without any ideas will surely slow down your dress shopping efficiency.

3.Trying On Too Many Dresses

The top designer, DeMarco once said that the b2bs should better not try on more than 10 dresses, cause it can lead to confusion” Trying on the dress after dress will make the bride doubt herself and starts to lose faith in the shopping experience. The bridal expert Lash said “The danger that befalls her is she becomes overwhelmed and forgets what she originally set out to find.” So girls, listen to the experts, do not try on the dresses over 10!

Maybe some girls already had similar mistakes during the dress shopping, and I guess that there may be more, share with us here now!