Truths about Catching Bouquet at the Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Planning | By:cocomelody

Have you ever seen such a scene when you attend the weddings? All the single ladies get together in the dancing pool, tapping their toes and standing beside each other elbow-to-elbow, their smiles turning from beams of excitement to pouts of competition. Finally, the bride throws her bouquet! As the bouquet flies through the air, these ladies reach their hands up toward the sky and their hips shoved each other aside. I was shocked by the scene at the first wedding I attended in my life! I was only 5 years old! My mommy told me that it was a tradition, and the lady who got the bouquet will be the next lucky one to get married. So Cocomelody would love to share some truths about this bouquet-catching tradition with you here.

1.It Originates from Medieval Europe

In medieval Europe, the wedding dress is useless to the bride after wedding, and the dress was considered good luck for other single ladies! So the single ladies will chase the bride and rip pieces off her dress. Over the years, wedding dresses became more expensive and it became a tradition for women to keep them as a memory or pass on to their daughters, the wedding bouquet became the lucky item, and bouquet catching traditions showed up.

2.Most Single Girls are against it

When you are still young, you may think that it is really fun to do this “game” with your fellows, but when you grew older, you are asked to stay together with other single ladies to get the lucky bouquet, you will feel uncomfortable. It seems to tell all the people on the wedding that “I am single” while all other similar aged friends are married. Then you may want to run away from this process, like what I did last month on my cousin’s wedding, I hided in the bathroom until the whole catching bouquet process was over. And the research showed that only 19 percent girls are for this bouquet catching process while 81 percent are against it! This result shows that I am not a weird single lady, lol

3.It may cause injures and can be changed into a better way

According to some online Surveys, many ladies got injured during the bouquet catching process because the wedding turns out to be violent event at that competitive moment! Weddings are supposed to be full of love and happiness, so some brides will choose to gift her bouquet to one of the single lady, and express her best wishes to the lady!

So what’s your attitude about the bouquet-catching process on the wedding? Leave a comment to tell us your opinions.