3 MOH Dilemmas and How to Solve Them

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One of your major tasks as soon to be bride will be choosing your maid of honor. It can’t be that hard right? Your maid of honor will be with you every step of the way, planning the bachelorette party, hosting a bridal party, giving you advice at your wedding dress fitting, making sure the ceremony runs smoothly, maybe even making a speech that will bring you to tears, all in all she will be there to help and support you no matter what. Now that you have read that, it might not seem that easy as you had thought. A role that is so important and sought after can cause problems that you might not have considered at first. But not all hope is lost, today I will help you get through the 3 biggest maid of honor dilemmas there are.

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Dilemma #1

Let us start with the most common and tough dilemma there is: you do not want your sister to be your maid of honor. It can be really hard and uncomfortable to tell someone you love and are close to that you will be choosing someone else for one of the most important roles of your big day. If you have a very close relationship with your sister, it is best to stay honest to her and true to your feelings about the decision. More times than none she will understand your point of view. Make sure to give her the option to still play a role in your wedding.

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Dilemma #2

In all the bustle of wedding planning the last thing you want is having your maid of honor bail on you. Sometimes life just throws stones in your path and you will have to work around it as best as you can. Your maid of honor might have had to make an unexpected change, e.g. a family emergency or she is pregnant and now has to be on bed rest, or maybe you two just do not see eye to eye anymore. Although the thought might be nerve wrecking at first, try to stay calm and think of the possibilities you have. Maybe one of your bridesmaids is willing to jump in and fill the spot, or if you have a sister in law you could possibly ask her, sometimes matters do turn out to be more relaxed and you might not even feel the need to have a friend or sister be your maid of honor. In case your maid of honor gets pregnant and she still wants to tackle her duties as MOH and soon to be mother, it is always a quick fix to order or alternate her bridesmaid dress.

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Dilemma #3

A further dilemma could be that you do not have a girlfriend or sister who would be your maid of honor. Although it is not necessary to have a maid of honor, you might not be able to get the thought out of your head of not having one because you have always pictured it for your wedding. You could certainly go with the alternative of having a group of little flower girls around you, or maybe switch up tradition and have a man of honor or maybe ask another female member of your family, aunt or grandmother, to do the honor.

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Now that you know how to solve these dilemmas, take a minute to reevaluate. Sometimes you have to say no but that does not mean the end of the world and maybe you can give that person another task or duty so they feel content and important. Remember this is your big day and you should be happy and comfortable with the choice you have made.