4 Simple Ways to Control Your Wedding Budget

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Your wedding will be so important for you that you do want everything OK. Planning a wedding will be stressful no matter what your budget is.Cocomelody would like to show you 4 simple ways to control your wedding budget. You will benefit a lot from this post!

1.Choose a Perfect Date

In different dates, the wedding will cost different amount of money. In the popular season, the cost will be much higher and you may feel overwhelmed when you see so many people having the wedding at the same time with you.

2.Have your Dress Secondhand

It will cost you much money if you custom your wedding dress in the physical stores but you can save a lot of money if you can buy the secondhand dress. But it does not work everyone. Cocomelody advises you try some online wedding dress websites to have your dress. The price will be reasonable and you can have your new wedding dress!

3.Don’t Spend Much in your Rehearsal Dinner

You can have your rehearsal dinner to make sure everything in order. But you do not need to spend too much in your rehearsal dinner but make everything easier.

4.Try to DIY as much as you can

You can try make something by yourself to make your wedding special and save your money at the same time.You can search on the Internet to DIY the things you want. In addition, Cocomelody will share you the DIY post and you can learn from it, too!