What Should You Do Before Wearing Your Wedding Dress?

Tips & Guidance | By:cocomelody

After many days choosing your wedding dress and fitting, you finally have your cute wedding dress. You can’t wait to wear the wedding dress to be the Princess Charming. But wait, wait! Cocomelody will tell you something you should do before wearing your wedding dress.

1.Eat and Drink

You should be careful with your wedding dress when you are eating if you are in the wedding dress. So we advise you to eat and drink something before  wearing the wedding dress.Eat some delicious food you want and do not need to care too much about the liquid in your food!

2.Go to the Restroom

It is not easy for you to go to the restroom in the wedding dress. You can imagine that you will need someone lifting your wedding dress or  someone taking something with you. You may think it embarassing to have restroom time with others.So you’d better go to the restroom before wearing your wedding dress!

3.Clean your mouth

There may be many kiss occasions in your wedding ceremony. It will  not be a good experience to kiss with a not clean mouth! So it is a good idea to clean your mouth and must be a fantastic kiss with your Mr Right!

4.Take photos

You may think that it is not perfect to take photos in this occasion. You want to be perfect all the time.Actually, it is a good chance to keep your memory!You can be perfect in many occasions but these photos will remind you of the memorable time. You never regret for doing this!