How to pick up a pair of comfortable wedding shoes?

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In many girls’ eyes, the shoes can be the keepsake of Cinderella and Prince Charming. Many girls want to be the shinning stars in their wedding shoes. In addition, every girl wants to have a comfortable experience in their wedding shoes. Good news! We bet Cocomelody will help you a lot in this case!

1.The height

The comfortable shoes height is different for different people. Heels three inches or below are comfortable for most of people. But you are keen on the high heel wedding shoes and you are good at wearing the high heel shoes. Then you just go ahead! You can be the one you want!


It is pleasant to see fabulous decorations on the wedding shoes. But you may not recognize that it will put you in danger.You can try your wedding shoes to see whether they will catch the wedding dress.As for the fabric, you should assure that it will not hurt yourself.


In the afternoon, your shoes will be the biggest and Cocomelody advises you to have your wedding shoes in the afternoon. You can wear your shoes for one day to try whether it is comfortable or not.If they are too tight,you’d better choose the other comfortable one or you can think of some ideas to solve the problem.

4.Listen to your feet

It is you not others that wear the wedding shoes. They will only see the shoes appearance. You can feel your feet. So the feet comfortable degree will be the first. If many people praise your shoes but you feel not comfortable, you are supposed to give up or you will pay for what you decide!