5 Beautiful Ways to Add A Splash of Color to Your Big Day

Wedding Planning | By:cocomelody

Weddings can be described in many different ways. However, if there was one description that would be best avoided, it would be – bland. That’s to say, a wedding should always embody the positive and effective traits of an upbeat and original look.

Of course, different weddings will require different plans as those devising the look of the wedding will need to appeal to different tastes, opinions, events, and cultures. But, there’s something that can add to the overall appeal of your big day regardless of what type of wedding you’re having – A LOT OF COLORS!

Colorful weddings are a hot trend in 2019, and brides are crazier about colors now than ever before. So, if you want to play with colors on your big day, here are some creative ideas that might help!

5 beautiful ways to add a splash of color to your big day

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1. Make a statement with your colorful wedding dress

It has become more and more fashionable to break with tradition for many modern brides who want their wedding gowns to be unique and reflect their own styles. Choosing a colored wedding gown is certainly an admirable way to make your special occasion all the more impressive. As far as the top picks for colors go, jewel tones take the cake. On the other hand, if you prefer softer shades, pastel-colored wedding gowns can also be a very elegant choice, especially for an outdoor summer wedding.

Colored wedding dresses do not have to be big and bold to be impressive either. You can blend a few complementary colors into your wedding dress to add that wow factor to your wedding day. For example, you can choose a bold red sash to embellish your pale pink wedding dress. Of course, the colors you select should be pleasing to the eye when mixed together. Color combos such as yellow and blue, red and green, black and white or red and white can all create a stunning visual effect.

Make a statement with your colorful wedding dress

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2. Choose a colorful headpiece to complement your dress

If you have chosen a colored gown, you may be wondering what to do for a headpiece. You have many choices available to you. If your hair is long, you might consider wearing it up with flowers tucked in it, or a headband trimmed in pearls or rhinestones. You could wear a tiara or even a stylish hat. If you have a veil in mind, you might consider making one to match your dress. Tulle is available from your local fabric store and it’s not only inexpensive but also comes in many colors.

3. Pick colorful accessories to elevate your wedding look

Accessories don’t necessarily need to include the traditional white pearls. You can use a matching necklace and earring set with colored gemstones. The key is to keep the design simple. Earrings shouldn’t be too long or dangle. The idea is to accentuate, and if your accessories are too bold, they’ll detract from the overall look instead of accentuating your beauty.

Pick colorful accessories to elevate your wedding look

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4. Bridal party attire should be colorful, too

For your colorful wedding, the bridal party should be attired in bold and bright colors as well. If you select a signature color like red for your bridesmaid dresses, it will be really easy to allow each bridesmaid to select her own dress. To make your big day more fun and aesthetically unique, you can pick convertible bridesmaid dresses too. The appearance of the bridal party can be unified with coordinated sets of bridesmaid jewelry. A very pretty finishing touch would be for the bridesmaids to carry bouquets with flowers that match their colorful dresses.

5. Style your big day with colorful and unique décor

Your wedding reception is the place where you can really play with colors. Here are some of the ideas you can choose from: colorful ribbons or streamers hung from the ceiling over the dance floor, paper lanterns in bright and vivid colors as hanging décor, and strings of colored lights. Table linens are another area through which you can add that burst of color to your big day. Since the tablecloths are the largest amount of color in the reception room other than the flowers, choosing colorful linens will instantly transform the space. If renting tablecloths in your favorite shade is too costly, stitch up square table toppers or runners to drape over basic white linens. Let your creative side run wild with these colorful décor ideas.

Style your big day with colorful and unique décor

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If you have decided to add colors to your big day, there are many more ways in which to feature them. You can print your wedding invitations in the special hue, use it for the favors, and even create signature cocktails to match. Just keep your color choice tasteful and complementary to your wedding style, and the end result will be nothing but impressive.