5 Most Effortlessly Beautiful Wedding Hairstyle Ideas

CEREMONY & RECEPTION Wedding Planning | By:cocomelody

There are so many things a future bride has to be taken into consideration, let it be her wedding dress, make up or hair. Understandably so because she will be the focal point of the wedding and which bride does not want to look her best?! When it comes to hair, there are many styles to choose from. Maybe you are more comfortable with having your hair up or you would rather have it braided. It might even depend on the area you live in, if it is hot and humid it might be best to have an up do. Maybe you are indecisive and that is ok too! Make sure to book at least two appointments with your hairdresser, this way you are able to try different styles and see what holds and suits you the best! Below are some of the most common and favorite hairstyles for weddings.

 1. Open

If you have been blessed with long locks of hair and want that free spirit look, this one is for you! Soft curls or waves add volume and dimension to the hair. This look is absolutely stunning when a breeze catches your hair, giving it that flowy look. If you have short / medium length hair this style is still possible, you can rock your tresses naturally or add in some extensions if you are looking for length.


Style: #LD4534; Image Credit: Julius Photography

2. Bun

Remember when buns were only known for ballerinas or grandmothers? Those days are over! Opt for a low bun for that elegant and romantic look or go for a high bun which is very modern and extravagant. Slick your hair back for a more serious look or have individual hairs peeking out to frame the face and give the look a dreamier effect.


Style: #LD4722; Image Credit: Lumans photography

3. Single Braid

Braids come in so many variations; let it be tight or loose, chunky or small, Fishtail or Dutch. The possibilities are truly endless. A loose braid that sits fairly low gives the imagery of youthfulness and is quite romantic whereas a tighter higher up braid is more sophisticated and polished.


Style: #h1ii0017; Image Credit: Here North Photography

 4. Natural

Are you rocking your natural hair or going for a protective style? Either way there are many different styles to choose from, let it be tightly curled locks put together in a loose bun or a fancy pompadour framing your face. If you decide to rock a protective style, e.g. braids, twists, you have the possibilities to wear your hair open, together, braided or maybe even a combination of all three!


Style: #CWZT15008; Image Credit: Photos by Collis

5. Half Up

This style is very similar to the first hairstyle that we mentioned. The difference is that part of your hair will be pulled back to remove any hair strands out of your face or to leave only a few strands visible. This style gives a more structured look but is still very charming and graceful.


Style: # LD4515; Image Credit: Jekalo Photography

Once you have decided on your hairstyle, go ahead and try on your dress to have an idea of how it will look as a whole. Make sure that you are comfortable with the style and that it will last for a couple of hours. If you are uncertain, make sure to address this to your hairdresser and possibly tweak it or try something new. Remember your hairstyle as well as your make up is there to enhance your natural beauty, for this reason it is important that it reflects who you are to make you feel your best on your big day!