5 Styling Tips To Keep In Mind If You Wear A Short Wedding Dress!

Tips & Guidance | By:cocomelody

If you have chosen a wedding dress that flatters (And of course you did!), it is important that it does not simply look wonderful but also makes you feel fantastic and is comfortable enough to keep you up, dancing and mingling with your guests. With that in mind, here are five of the most essential styling tips for you if you are wearing a short wedding dress.

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1. What’s beneath is important

You know what you are going to wear on your big day, but do not forget about what goes on beneath the gown! Picking the proper undergarments will go a long way toward making you look your absolute best on your big day. Here are some things to keep in mind for your wedding day undergarments:

a) Go nude

Skip the black or white undergarments and pick ones that match your skin tone. Whether you are fair-skinned or dark-skinned, there are nude-colored undergarments out there that will match you well. This will ensure that your underwear stays invisible, and your guests’ eyes stay on your gorgeous wedding gown.

b) Go seamless

Panty lines are the last thing you want to see when you look back at your wedding pictures. Be sure to pick a seamless style of panties so that your dress hugs you in all the right places.

cGo convertible 

Your short wedding dress can come in all different styles including strapless, halter, backless, and v-neck (just to name a few). Lucky for you, there are convertible bras out there with just as many options. Make sure you get a convertible bra that is perfectly hidden under your dress. And do not forget to pick up some fashion tape as reinforcement to make sure your bra stays exactly where it is supposed to.

d) Go for the correct size

Even if you think you already know your undergarment size, take the time to get them professionally fitted. Any upscale lingerie store should do this for you for free. You would be surprised what you might discover. Wearing undergarments that are the correct size will help you avoid any unsightly bulges on your big day, keeping you comfortable in your short wedding dress throughout your big day.

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2. Step up in style with accessories

The right accessories can make your wedding outfit even more exquisite and unique. So, once you have chosen your short wedding dress, look for bridal wedding accessories that will complement it to give you a stunning wedding look. If you are on a budget, you can even borrow some of the accessories such as veils, jewelry, handbags, etc. Your mother or grandmother may be able to help you with the “something borrowed” aspect of your bridal accessories.

3. Kick the heels

You know those stunning, sexy, strappy, ultra-high heels that work perfectly with your short wedding gown? They will be great for the ceremony and the formal pictures, but if you are planning to kick up your heels at the reception, you will be better off kicking off the heels and settling into something more comfortable. It is going to be a long darned day, that wonderful wedding of yours! Get a pretty, more practical pair of shoes that go with your short wedding dress so you can change into them to keep your dogs from “barking” the entire week following the wedding.

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4. Create a kit for those unexpected emergencies

Murphy’s Law states that “If something can go wrong, it will” and even if it seems like such a pessimistic point of view, bad things have happened to wedding dresses on wedding days. You cannot prevent everything from happening to your wedding dress, but you can surely be prepared for any wedding dress disasters with a wedding dress kit, including useful things like a double-sided tape, safety pins, stick-on crystals, stain remover sticks and a small sewing kit. A little effort will certainly go a long way.

5. Just relax

Yes, you are ultimately going to feel stressed out, but try to keep your stress level under control if you really want to rock your wedding gown. Undue stress is only going to cause you to frown more and just look unhappy (And less pretty!)

You want to look gorgeous on your wedding day. And you will because you are going to be blazingly happy. But you want to look beautiful as you, not as someone you have seen in a magazine. So once you find the perfect short wedding dress, keep these five styling tips in mind to keep everything right where it is supposed to be, beautifully and comfortably. Then go have a marvelous wedding ceremony and wedding day.