6 Brides Who Showed Off Their Tattoos With Pride

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What was once considered a taboo, has now rapidly integrated itself into mainstream society: tattoos. Tattoos are a great way to show off your individuality, they come in black or colored ink, small or large designs, and designs with and without meaning. It does not matter who you ask, one thing is always common: there is always a memory attached to the tattoo. And just like your tattoos bring back memories, so will your wedding day when you see pictures of how you showcased your lovely bridal gown and art.

And here’re 6 real #cocomelodybrides who showed off their tattoos with pride on their big day!

1. Katie Wearing Style LD3932

When showing off your amazing art, you want to consider buying a dress that does that purpose. If you have a full sleeve, you might want to consider our most popular style LD3932 with its sleeveless bodice. Our beautiful #cocomelodybride Katie added a bejeweled belt to accentuate her waist bringing attention to her beautiful tattoos as well!

Style: #LD3932, Image Credit: One Love Photography

2. Bridget Wearing Style LD3734

The beauty about tattoos are that they are unique to you, just like yourself and the dress you will be wearing on your wedding day. Bridget decided to purchase the LD3734 because she loves the hint of vintage flair it has and how it goes well with her traditional style tattoos.

Style: #LD3734, Image Credit: Tamara Maria. Photography

3. Candace Wearing Style CWVT15002

A beautiful and stunning way to show off your back tattoos is choosing a dress like the CWVT15002, that has an open back, like Candace did. Your guests will be turning their heads to catch a glimpse of your tattoo and dress. In addition, Candace went for a sleek high bun to accentuate the beautiful detail of the dress.

Style: #CWVT15002, Image Credit: Shane Karns Photography

4. Victoria Wearing Style CWAT16004

Who says that a puffy ballroom gown is only for princesses? Think again! Victoria is giving you the cold shoulder in the most beautiful way with her upper arm piece. Tattoos can easily be integrated in any style dress you choose. See a dress that has sleeves but you want to show off your arm piece, or is there a dress that has a closed back that you would like as an open back, Cocomelody is flexible to do alterations to your liking and ensuring you that you will proudly be able to show off your piece of art.

Style: #CWAT16004, Image Credit: Stories By Bianca

5. Kasey Wearing Style CWXT14061

There might be brides that have a few tattoos but would rather hide them for whatever reason, for those of you who are daring enough, there are many beautiful options. You can still have your dream in white and rock those cool tattoos. Kasey decided that the CWXT14061 was going to be her wedding dress because it reveals her stunning back piece.

Style: #CWXT14061

6. Danielle Wearing Style LD3906

It is great seeing women comfortable in their own skin. That radiance reflects on everyone around you, believe me. It is also great to know that little girls can look up to you and know that no matter what their “imperfections” might be, that they will still be stunning and strong on their wedding day. Danielle chose style LD3906 which showcases her lower arm tattoo perfectly. This dress is also great for brides that have a chest piece, half and full sleeves or back pieces. This is the ultimate allrounder.

Style: #LD3906, Image Credit: Cameron Hein Photography