6 helpful hacks to make your wedding heels pain free!

Tips & Guidance | By:cocomelody

For most women, a wedding day is something that has been painted for years; it is their greatest fantasy, so to speak. Does yours include a frozen smile that is trying to mask the pain from blistered feet? No? We thought so.

Your wedding is nothing short of a modern fairy tale and we are sure you would look every bit a fairy tale princess as Cinderella in your spectacular lace mermaid wedding dress. But we definitely don’t want you to hobble down the aisle like Cinderella’s step-sister with glass shoes that don’t fit. So, we have compiled this list of six helpful hacks to make your wedding heels pain free.

No.1 Unlike wedding dresses, the most important consideration when shopping for wedding shoes is not necessarily in fashion, but comfort (although finding both together is a bonus!). Choose a shoe style and height similar to what you normally wear. If you are a “flats” girl, this is not the time to break out some 4″ heels simply to make a statement!

No.2 For the best luck finding a perfect fit without trying it on, consider your foot type. As long as you are one of the lucky people with perfectly proportioned feet, shop to your heart’s content! However, if you are one of the many with either narrower ankles or a wider instep, you may want to do away with the pumps and consider ballerina or peep-toe sandals that will graciously allow for adjustments. Straps cover a multitude of misfits!

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No.3 Choose a reputed bridal outlet for shopping so that you can be guaranteed a comfortable fit. According to last year’s Wedding Demographics Report, the average bride-to-be spent $321 on her bridal accessories (not inclusive of jewelry, headpiece, or veil). Examine your budget for wedding shoes and buy the best that you can within your means. You can find a decent pair of shoes at a well-known online bridal outlet from anywhere between $35 and $60.

No.4 Once you have found the right pair of shoes, the last step to obtaining comfort is breaking them in. Do not, we repeat, DO NOT wait until the big day to slip on those beauties, or your feet will hate you by sundown. Start by wearing your shoes for ½ to 1 hour at a time around the house (but not anywhere you would be likely to get scuff marks or dirt, of course)!

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No.5 As soon as you have started to break them in, practice the kind of movements you will be making on your big day – such as, slow, measured tread down the aisle, quick pivotal movements while turning to greet guests, dancing steps (if that is in your itinerary.) If after just a few hours your feet are destroying you, it may be a wise move to go back to the drawing board.

No.6 If you must be a slave to fashion and wear a less than a functional shoe, be sure to have a comfortable backup pair to change into as the day wears on. If your wedding gown is very full, chances are that no one will see your shoes, so it will not matter very much what you have on your feet; you could be wearing crocs throughout the wedding, and none of your guests will ever know. On the other hand, if your dress allows for more shoe visibility, it will be best to have different shoe options so that you do not have to resort to going barefoot by the end of the night.

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Now that you have found the perfect shoes and broken them in, put your feet up and forget about them! Time for that fantasy to unfold – pain and blister free!