Black Wedding Dress Trend

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When you think about a wedding, in particular, a wedding dress, black might not be the first color that comes to mind. Often black is considered a color of sorrow and grief but that is about to change. In recent years more and more black wedding dresses are popping up, either on fashion runways or real life weddings and models and brides alike look stunning in them! You do not have to be Goth or a Halloween lover to wear this dark hue. Let us be clear on this, any color you feel comfortable with and reflects on you, can be your wedding dress! So let us find out what else this trend has in store for us.

gorgeous black train

Custom Version of Style: #B14TB0017

1. Winds of Time

Before white wedding dresses became a trend in 1840 when Queen Victoria wore it at her wedding ceremony, many women would wear various colors or prints to their wedding. It was simply a fact of wearing whatever they had. Not everyone had the financial budget to spend money on an expensive gown that was only worn once. I always like to say that fashion is a travel through time because trends come and go and furthermore who is to say that something can or cannot be worn, it all has to do with the picture we have in mind and how we portray it.


Styles ( from left to right ): #COZF17019 & #LD3932; Image Credit: Lauren Liz Photography

2. Not only a Color of Mourning

Often black is associated with death and mourning but look at today’s day and age; black is by far the most elegant and sophisticated shade a woman can wear, so why not at her wedding? In Spanish cultures, brides wore black to symbolize their devotion to marriage till death. Yes, white shades usually symbolize purity, beauty and virginity but black can symbolize mystery, strength and beauty as well. It is all about how you conceive it and how you embody it. Remember that we usually opt for the LBD (little black dress) for special occasions, so why not an occasion as special as your wedding day?


Style: #LD3906; Image Credit: Alirene Photography

3. Variations

Although you like the idea of a black wedding dress but do not want to fully commit, there are many possibilities to work around the idea, e.g. you can go for a dark grey, or have a white dress with black lace embroidery or embellishments, maybe wear a white dress with a black satin belt, or you can go vice versa and have a black dress with highlights of white. Another idea is to wear a white wedding gown and then switch into a black gown for the reception or after-party.


Style: #CWZK13002

As you can see there are always alternatives. COCOMELODY offers a range of colors for every dress, black being one of them. Whichever color you decide to wear for your wedding day is solely up to you. Certainly, it is quite daring and quite a bold statement but it is also unconventional and liberating too; to jump out of the norm and opening up further options for the bride, who might have shied away from the dark tint at first.

And here’s a list of those styles that can be made in black now!

(LD3932LD3906LD3905LD4788LD4493LD4395LD4432LD4436LWXT16001LD5445LD4901LD4604 & LD5731)