Bridal Fashion Trend Summaries of the First Half Year of 2016 Part. 2

Tips & Guidance | By:cocomelody

I believe that you’ve read our previous article about bridal fashion trend summaries of the first half year of 2016. And this one is part 2. How to choose wedding dresses?

1. Combine Lace Factor

In the simple style, lace will be added as sexy factor and will become a must for those fashionable wedding dresses in 2016. If you are a chic girl, you can not miss this style!

2. Soft color is preferred.

Wedding is holy. White can express the holy very much. No matter how the trend changes, white is always the first choice for the wedding.

Want your wedding to be a little bit special? You can try the other soft colors too! How to choose bridesmaid dresses?

1. Similar color with different styles

Bridesmaids will become another beautiful scenery for the wedding. You may first think of the bridesmaid dresses. Some chiffon gowns with similar color but different styles are good choices, too! Semi-formal dresses in cocomelody can be also your choice. They can definitely decrease your cost!

2. Different colors with same style

Of course, as a bride-to-be, you can pick pretty bridesmaid dresses for your girls. We recommend those dresses with same style but different colors. They will be harmony on the whole!