Bridal Fashion Trend Summaries of the First Half Year of 2016 Part. 1

Tips & Guidance | By:cocomelody

Many girls plan to marry in 2016. Good news! Today we will share you guys some bridal fashion trends of the first half year of 2016. We bet you will get lots of inspirations from them!

How to decorate your wedding venue?

1. A backdrop with romantic wedding photos

In the wedding ceremony, the backdrop with wedding photos will catch a lot of attention. What is the trend for the backdrop? It must be flowers. You can put several fresh flowers but you can also choose the paper flowers to decrease cost! It will look special too!

2. A wedding without flowers

What? You say that you do not like flowers but some plants so much, why not try a green wedding? In your wedding, green and white will become your main hue! Is it fresh and natural?

How to design your wedding invitation card?

1. Make a lovely cover for your wedding invitation cards

Do you want a romantic yet unique wedding? You can start it with your wedding invitation cards. Because they are guests’ first impression on your wedding. Let’s choose some attractive covers for your wedding invitation cards!

2. Share your happiness with your guests

You can either choose the folding design or three folding design. Of course, the wedding invitation card’s content is more important. In general, your wedding photos can be put as the wedding invitation card background. You will share your happiness with your guests with ease! Sounds great?