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Real Wedding: Ruby & Juvie

Real Weddings United States Weddings | By:cocomelody

Ruby and Juvie held their Magical-Subtle Harry Potter Themed wedding in Fallbrook,CA last December. Ruby looked absolutely stunning in her customized off-the-shoulder version of the dress LD5698, we are so honored to help her create…Read More>>

Wedding Photos

Find real-life wedding photos of Cocomelody’s clients from all over the world!

It’s always convenient to seek for inspirational wedding photography ideas online. However, the problem is that most bridal photos you find tend to feed you a constant diet of repeated styles and themes. Worse stil, they’re usually difficult to fulfill in reality. And that definitely won’t do any good to stand you out from other bride and groom photos.

But no worries, if you’re doing a research on wedding photo ideas to create your own dazzling wedding scene, you should be overjoyed to see the great wedding photos in our posts, thanks to Cocomelody’s beautiful clients.

Click in any real wedding post, and voila! Romantic wedding scenes that is completely doable are there for your eyes only. The best part of checking out these unique wedding photos is that they’re all drawn from real life. Every single picture is there for a certain reason and has its own story behind. In brief, it should be a much more reliable source rather than other expensive photography sites.

Trust us. The best wedding photos are the ones with heart devoted.