Curvy Bride Special: Tips for Buying Plus-Size Gowns Online

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Looking for a bridal dress is one of the most exciting things about getting married. But this isn’t always the case. Curvy brides have a hard time finding the perfect fit. Plus-size wedding dress shopping can be a nightmare for many. Even though many bridal stores offer plus-size gowns, those still lack variety and good designs. Some aren’t even figure-flattering, and brides feel cheated, especially when shopping online. At Cocomelody, we truly understand your dilemma, and below are some tips on online plus-size wedding dress shopping for all your gorgeous girls.

Know Your Style

Understand what looks good on you. Look up the internet or magazines to determine the right cut, style, and color for you. Don’t get to bridal shopping without doing your research.

Understand Your Body Shape

Have clarity about your body shape. How? Find reference pictures online. Still can’t understand? Look for expert assistance or a friend’s help. Knowing your body type can ease your search significantly. You’ll identify the styles that do well and those that would be less-than-ideal.

Material Choice

This is another crucial detail to remember when shopping online. Some fabrics are naturally more flattering than others. So stick to materials that give you a good structure than looking all-flimsy.

Measure Yourself Properly

Know your precise measurements, especially if your size fluctuates often. It will work wonders to set realistic expectations. Also, sizes can vary greatly with different brands and designers, so measure yourself and find the right fit.

Get Expert Style Advice

Apart from getting style advice from the people you trust, don’t forget professional guidance. Your loved ones can often be blinded by the designs that look pleasing to the eye but rarely do any justice to your personality.

Look At Pictures of Women of Your Size

This is a little trick to know what would look good on you. Save those pins and posts of women wearing dress styles you wish to flaunt on your wedding day. Sometimes when shopping online, you aren’t necessarily drawn to the dress but the overall vibe. So it’s essential to look for images similar to your body type and dress preference. This is true for bridal and plus-size bridesmaid dresses.

Don’t Settle

Don’t conform to so-called standards. Go ahead and try on A-Lines, sheath gowns, sleeves or no sleeves, fit-and-flare, and ruching or no ruching. Don’t fear stepping out of your comfort zone. Don’t limit yourself, or you might literally miss the best dress.

Buy from a Store That Celebrates Full-Figured Women

Your wedding dress is unique. It is an outfit that makes your already memorable day more special. So don’t just shop from anywhere. Find your treasure with a reputable online shop such as Cocomelody that genuinely understands and celebrates women.

Ours is a one-stop-shop for brides and their babes. We stock numerous attires at our physical store, but you can also find a fantastic collection online. If you are scrounging the internet for plus-size wedding dresses, you can shop from our curvy bride selection as well as plus-size bridesmaid dresses. You won’t be disappointed.

Shipping and Return Policy

These are two crucial factors to consider when shopping for a plus-sized wedding dress online. It is especially important when you’re looking at online-only platforms. But, if they have physical stores, you should be able to return the dress at the store or have some option to get your money back.


Picking bridal dresses off the rack isn’t a good idea. Look for custom sizing services as a better alternative to have the perfect fit. Although expensive, fixing bridal and bridesmaid dresses is a much-needed service for curvy women.

You might need help with the neckline, fabric, design details, closure, waist, sleeves, and straps, and Cocomelody alteration pros can assist you with just that. Custom sizing services are always better than ready-made bridal dresses for curvy ladies.

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Look No Further Than Cocomelody for Your Perfect Plus-Size Dream Dress

We hope these tips protect you from the scams proliferating in the online wedding dress marketplace. In addition, we can help you through the process, especially with alterations. At Cocomelody, we celebrate all women – curvy or petite – and we value your time and effort with us in finding your dream dress.

If anxiety’s hitting you – don’t worry; it’s natural. Communicate with our stylist for a solution. Positive thoughts open up more possibilities than stress shopping.

Think of it this way – the portrait shot that’s going to be on the wall of your house won’t be of the wedding cake. It’s going to be yours. Those are the memories you’ll be carrying with you forever. So, invest in a designer-quality dress that’s figure-flattering, under your budget, and altered to perfection.

We are right here to walk you through this magical process. Look up options online, and if you can’t find your fit, give us a call, and we’ll help you make it happen.