Do You Know Five Wedding Elements Have Been Out of Fashion

Wedding Planning | By:cocomelody

One object may be popular in this period but outmoded in the next season. So are wedding gowns and also those wedding decorations. And when you are planning your wedding, you’ll surely search for what is the most popular this year. After all, your big day is so memorable and you’d like to make everything perfect. That’s why you must know these five wedding elements. They are all out of fashion now!  Burlap Burlap can be seen everywhere, on tables, chairs or even gifts. And there are also various patterns. But is your wedding only made of burlap? Please remember that this is a wedding instead of picnic on the grass!  Small jars Are those small jars very classic? They have a long history and are always used by wedding couples. But the answer is No! As decorations, they seem low. Trust me, you have more choices for table settings, but they are not small jars!  Gradually varied colors Gradually varied colors have been old-fashioned. So you can abandon everything that is connected with gradually varied hues, including wedding dresses, nail, wedding cakes and etc.  Firework Of course, firework is wonderful and romantic. So why is it out of fashion? When your wedding guests get drunk, maybe firework will cause potential security problems.  Baby breath We have to admit that baby breath is really beautiful. But they need processed again and sprayed by perfume. Due to their sophisticated process, they are less favored now.