Seven Beach Elements Create A Perfect Summer Wedding

Wedding Planning | By:cocomelody

1.Shell ornaments Using shells to decorate a beach wedding is a common way. You can place them in different links at your wedding, such as ceremony, tables, bouquets and etc. to make your wedding full of ocean flavor. However, pay attention to keep everything consistent!  

2.Magical deadwood In order to make your wedding natural and more artistic, those magical deadwood is also an indispensable element. It can be usually seen on tables, matching with candles, shells and gauze curtains. So why not use them to highlight your wedding?

 3.Linen and gauze curtain Surely, you can also use linen and gauze curtains to decorate table backs, table cloths and also your ceremony’s background. Since gauze curtains have a romantic and flowing feeling, it’s the best choice for beach wedding!

 4.Floating bottles The floating bottle is also the typical object. It can be the wedding invitation and also a gift to guests. Of course, it can also be used to decorate tables. Floating bottles are really wonderful items for you to accentuate your wedding’s feature and theme!  

5.Flip-flops Since this is a relaxing and nice beach wedding, then you must take off your high-heeled shoes to walk along the beach and enjoy the natural atmosphere. But as a bride, you must show your nobility and holiness. Then a pair of flip-flops is your best choice. It can make you elegant, charming and comfortable!

 6.Cold drinks In such a hot summer, how could you let your wedding guests stand the hot weather? So you have to prepare some cold drinks for them.  

7.Droplights and lanterns It’s the best way for you to be grateful to your guests with the delicious dinner. And you can decorate some droplights or lanterns in the dining hall to make the whole atmosphere more romantic and charming. Dears, are you ready to start a memorable beach wedding?