Cocomelody’s Convertible Bridesmaid Dress that You Cannot Miss

Tips & Guidance | By:cocomelody

Still searching for outfits for your bridal party? Find it difficult to balance everyone’s features and preferences? Why not shop at Cocomelody? She prepares a miraculous bridesmaid dress to help solve all your problems!

Made of draping and airy chiffon, this convertible A-line sweetheart bridesmaid dress features a flattering bodice with handmade pleats and an elegant satin belt on natural waist. Moreover, its two ties on the front and two on the back drape create 10 more different looks! So this pretty gown is really your best choice to highlight the personality, style and figure of each member of your bridal party. Not only that, there are 36 colors available at Cocomelody for you to choose from and also a short version. Surely, affordable price and high quality will never let you down!

Several simple ways for your reference: For a classic halter, you can take the two front ties, fanning them out for desired coverage at the bodice. Then bring them to the back of the neck. Finally secure in a knot or bow. For an asymmetrical strap, bring the left front tie towards the right shoulder. Then take the left back tie and meet at the top of the same shoulder. Finally secure in a knot or bow. (You can also use two right ties to achieve the same effect.) For a twisted halter, just lift the two front ties above the waistband and twist for desired strap width. Then knot together at the back of the neck. See more: 10 ways to wear this convertible bridesmaid dress

 With so many different ways, this kind of bridesmaid dress can be worn again and again in many other special occasions. So how could you miss it at Cocomelody? I bet that your girls will appreciate you a lot!!