Six Tips for Your Wedding Budget

Wedding Planning | By:cocomelody

Hi,girls, today we want to share some tips for your wedding budget with you. Sounds good? Yeah, Let’s save money together!

1. Lengthen your wedding preparation time The longer time you have for your wedding ceremony, more time you’ll spend searching for relevant goods and service. You will definitely have more chances to choose the one you want!

2. Choose the drinks smartly Many wedding ceremony places like hotels will provide you with the bar. You can choose it according to the number of the guests. Attention: Choose the one with good reputation!

3. Choose your wedding guests carefully Only choose the guests you need to invite and want to invite most. You will save money in your party inviting and we bet you will be happy when you are sharing the happiness with the people you like.

4. Plan your time The highest price is often on Saturday evening. You can avoid having parties on Saturday but hold parties on Friday and Sunday evening instead, the cost will be much lower. If you plan it on weekdays, it will be lower.

5. Choose to marry in off-season The busy seasons for marrying is from May to October. So, you can choose the other seasons to find the reasonable goods and service.

6. Avoid the popular holiday During popular holiday, you will pay several times than the usual time. Many families will get together to celebrate on popular holiday. Your wedding ceremony time will have to be shorten if you do not want to spend more money.